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Lite Com Plus

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Wireless Radio System | SNR value 31 dB | Active Hearing Protection | PMR 446 MHz | Helmet Attachment
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Active hearing protection with an integrated two-way radio, featuring dynamic microphones for active control of incoming sounds from your surroundings, allowing to hear alarm signals and machines, while harmful levels of noise are canceled by smart electronics. LiteCom Plus has a separate audio input for connecting equipment such as cell phones or external two-way radios working on different frequencies. Built-in two-way radio. 16 main channels in the PMR 446 MHz frequency range. Maximum range is about 2 km in the open - depending on environmental condotions. Voice-operated transmission (VOX) function. Noise-cancelling dynamic and waterproof microphone. An electronic voice guides you through the menu settings. Push-to-listen function allows to deactivate the noise cancelling in order to hear your surroundings unfiltered. That makes it unnecessary to lift the earmuffs for talking directly to colleagues nearby. External audio input. Automatic switch-off function. Battery status display. Certified as PPE in combination with 3M helmets G3000 and G3501, SecureFit X5000 and X5500 as well as the respiratory protection helmets Versaflo M306 und M307.

Package contains:
• 1 x LiteCom Plus
• 1 x accumulator ACK081
• 1 x Power supply FR08
• 1 x cable AL2AI
• 1 x hygiene kit HY83
• 1 x Microphone protection HYM1000-100
• 1 user manual

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