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Climbing trees and exploring the canopies of ancient giants, climbing tall wind turbines or industrial buildings – for professional tree climbers nothing beats the tree while in the eyes of an industrial climber the wind turbines always take the cake. What counts is, it just has to be vertical! Supplying rope access technicians and arborists with high quality equipment is Freeworker’s foremost responsibility. We offer the entire range of sector-related products, including Pfanner protective clothing, chainsaw protective boots, climbing shoes, t-shirts, fleece jackets, sweaters, climbing trousers, rain wear and high quality outdoor clothing by Directalpine. Freeworker supplies protective helmets for tree climbers and rope access technicians alike, with or without ear protection, radio and visors. We offer a large selection as well as supportive consulting by professionals in the field. Our product range includes harnesses, climbing and rigging ropes, friction savers, prusik cords, slings, accessory cords and lanyards. There is plenty of hardware available for rope installation as well as for climbing double or single ropes, ascenders, backup devices, repelling devices, pulley blocks, pulleys, double pulleys, rigging blocks and carabiners. Tree climbing spurs, lowering devices and rigging sets. Our portfolio provides arborists and tree inspectors with crown bracing systems, saws, shears and measuring devices. Also there is a great number of bags and boxes for transporting the equipment, never mind hammocks, slack-lines and many more things that make outdoor life sometimes a lot more comfortable.