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    • I have a customer account but cannot log in?

      Please check if you are in the right shop. We have 3 different online shops (German, France, and international). Your customer account is only valid in the shop in which you have registered. This means that if you have a customer account in the German shop, you cannot Log-In in the international shop (.com).

      It is also possible that you have forgotten to confirm your account. When you create a customer account in one of our online shops, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail to the e-mail address you used to create the account. Before you can log in, you must first confirm your account via the link in this e-mail. This serves your security and prevents misuse of your data. Sometimes these automatically generated emails end up in the spam folder or you simply forgot to confirm your account. In this case, simply contact our customer service on+49 (0) 8105 730 60 253.

    • I have forgotten my password and cannot get a new one?

      This may be because you forgot to confirm your account. Maybe the confirmation mail landed in your spam folder. 

    • I cannot find all my orders in my customer account?

      In your customer account in one of our online shops you will only find information about your online orders. You will not find orders placed by e-mail, telephone or fax. In addition, only orders that are not older than one year are stored in your customer account. If you need information about orders that are older than one year or that you have not placed online, simply contact our customer service at  +49 (0) 8105 730 60 253. The quickest and most convenient way is to have your customer number and/or order number ready.


    • Which shop do I have to order from?

      Freeworker is one of the largest specialist suppliers of tree care and tree climbing equipment in Europe. We want to make your shopping easy and comfortable and keep barriers like different languages, currencies, tax rates and shipping options small. That’s why we have five independent online shops, sorted by country. Customers from Germany and France please select the corresponding shop. For all other customers, there is an international, English-language offer (.com).

    • What delivery options do you offer?

      Here you can find all information about our

    • Why are the shipping costs so high, even for a tiny carabiner or a book?

      The costs for insured parcels from 0–5 kg are always the same for our parcel services – regardless of content or value. We only send your parcel insured.

    • What payment options do I have?

      Here you can find all information about our

    • How and in what form do I receive my invoice?

      By default, we send our invoices as a PDF file by email to the email address specified when ordering or already stored with us. If invoice delivery is not possible or not desired by email, please contact our customer service.

    • What exactly does two-factor authentication mean when paying by credit card?

      In order to make online shopping more secure, European regulations have been in force since 1 January 2021 according to which we must additionally verify online card payments via 3-D Secure. Depending on the card type, this procedure has a different name, e. g. “Visa Secure” or “Mastercard Identity Check”. If you have not yet activated 3-D Secure, it is possible that your payment with credit or debit card will no longer be accepted. Therefore, for the security of your purchase and your data, we recommend that you activate your credit card for the respective authentication procedure. You can do this online at most banks. You will usually find all the information you need on your bank’s website.

      The procedure is more secure than a password and your payment is approved immediately after authentication. Depending on the solution offered by your bank, the additional authentication works via security code, which is either provided as an SMS-TAN or in smartphone apps specially created for this purpose. Alternatively, some banks also use fingerprint or facial recognition. Most banks offer these services at no additional cost.

      If you have general questions about paying with a credit or debit card, our customer service will be happy to help you at +49 (0) 8105 730 60 253

    • Why does the invoice amount change when the delivery address is specified?

      We are based in Germany. Therefore, the German tax is defined as standard. Since 1 July 2021, the EU-wide regulation applies that the tax of the country to which the goods are shipped must be calculated. The tax is therefore calculated on the basis of your delivery address (country of delivery). In the online shop, you will see the price including the German tax rate. However, if you live outside Germany and therefore a different tax rate applies, the total cost of your order will change as soon as you have entered your address.

    • How do I redeem my Freeworker voucher?

      Unfortunately, Freeworker vouchers cannot be used directly in the online shop. You can enter your voucher code in the comment field when completing your purchase. Our customer service will then credit the value of the voucher to your account when processing your order. Another option is to place your order by phone or e-mail and enter the voucher code.

    • Can I buy tax-free as a trader (B2B)?

      We supply you tax-free if you order goods from us in Germany to another EU country and have a valid VAT ID number in the respective destination country. If you create a customer account in our shop, the default delivery address is abroad and you enter the corresponding VAT ID, we will show you the net prices as soon as you are logged into the shop. Please make sure that you put the corresponding country code in front of your VAT ID, e. g. ATU12345678. 


    • How do I cancel my order or return non suitable goods?

      The return of originally packaged goods (if applicable with instruction manual) is possible up to 14 days after receipt. For your return, use either the enclosed declaration of revocation, a copy of the delivery note or invoice. Please state the reason for return and include the document in the package.

      The return address is:

      Freeworker GmbH
      Gutenbergstrasse 11
      D-82205 Gilching 

      You must pay the shipping costs for the return yourself. In case of an exchange, we will pay the shipping costs for the new delivery. Here you can find all information about


      By the way, it is important to us to avoid returns wherever possible – not only for economic reasons, but also for ecological reasons. That’s why we offer comprehensive advice for all orders on request, so that you get exactly what you need. We have detailed 

      when ordering clothing, and you can often find helpful advice on fit and size in our product descriptions. 

    • Can I return PPE?

      Return of personal protective equipment (PPE) is only possible for unused, originally packaged items together with the instruction manual. The return period is 14 days.


    • What splices do you offer at Freeworker?

      We splice what you want. Our professional splicers make all kinds of splices according to your individual wishes.

    • Where can I find the size tables when I want to order clothes?

      Here you can find all

      sorted by manufacturer.

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