Protos Helmet Shell

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Protos Special Colours - SB70 white
Protos Special Colours - SB31 black
Protos Special Colours - SB30 grey
Protos Special Colours - SB10 red
Protos Special Colours - SB60 orange (ONLY 2 LEFT!)
Protos Special Colours - SB80 green
Protos Special Colours - SB40 blue
Protos Special Colours - SB110 pink
Protos Special Colours - SB11 carbon
Protos Special Colours - SB600 gold (ONLY 4 LEFT!)

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Protos Helmet Shell

Protos Helmet Shell

    49,98 €

    Incl. tax, excl. shipping costs

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    Protos Shell to replace, if the Protos Integral helmet is ready for discard and the interior is still impeccable. If the helmet is damaged, it won't be enough to change the shell. In this case, the whole helmet has to be replaced.

    Notice: The shell may only be replaced by an authorised dealer. The helmet has to be sent to us for mounting. Please do not send in the helmet until we have contacted you!

    A comprehensive description of the exchange can be found here:

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    More Information
    Item number HM115S


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