Treeclimb SRT-3

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Ascent kit | single rope | rope walking system | max. height of anchor point 30 m
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LOV2 - Red
LOV2 - Black (ONLY 4 LEFT!)
LOV2 - Blue
LOV3 - Red
LOV3 - Black
LOV3 - Blue
LOV3 - Purple
Pantin R
Pantin L
Catch for Pantin R
Catch for Pantin L
Knee Ascent Loop
Knee Ascent Clip
OK Triact 1 x OK Triact   + 19,87 €
GeoStatic 10.5 - 60 m 1 x GeoStatic 10.5 - 60 m   + 150,54 €
Grab Bag 20 1 x Grab Bag 20   + 63,55 €

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Treeclimb SRT-3

Treeclimb SRT-3

    677,94 €

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    Ascent kit for rope walking with Single Rope Technique (SRT) with knee and foot ascender. The rope walking system allows for fast ascending – with some practice. The Treeclimb SRT-3 is especially suited for longer ascent distances. After the ascent and removal of the ascenders, you can immediately descend again with the LOV2 or LOV3 or change the system (e. g. to DdRT). Maximum height of the anchor point is 30 m when attached to the trunk (double load at anchor point), 20 m when installed with alpine butterfly knot (single load at anchor point).

    The instructors of the Münchner Baumkletterschule recommend and teach with this system.

    • 60 m ascent rope GeoStatic 10.5 (semi-static rope)
    • 1 carabiner OK Triact (PPE, automatic locking, 3-action)
    • 1 belay and descend device LOV2 or LOV3
    • 1 knee ascender system either Knee Ascent Loop or Knee Ascent Clip
    • 1 foot ascender Pantin either right or left (catch available optionally)
    • 1 Grab Bag 20

    We recommend ordering the Catch for Pantin L/R, which is available as an optional extra to the kit.

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