Tree-Monkey Steppers

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Climbing holds for trees | climbing aid | rattle strap incl.
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If you want to climb high – and not in a climbing hall, but on trees in the clear – you have a great experience ahead of you with the Tree-Monkeys. Experienced tree climbers know how to gently install belay systems in trees. They can explore a safe course for the handholds. Trees in urban areas, at the edge of forests, in recreational parks or at playgrounds are best suited.

The Tree-Monkey Steppers are very stable and offer perfect support for both feet. They ease working on the tree and can be used as rescue ascent, e. g. in climbing parks. Because with this comfortable ascent aid, you can quickly get up into the tree.

Tread surface: 200 mm | rattle strap: 320 cm

Please note: Tree-Monkeys are a climbing sport and should only be used by experienced users or under supervision. Without protection, a crash pad should be used in any case to prevent injuries. Personal climbing equipment is subject to a certain amount of wear and tear. It must be checked regularly. If the climbing height is over 3 m, the usual climbing rules apply with regard to partner belaying, descending, etc.

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