Suunto PM-5/360 PC

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Height metre | reading accuracy 0,25 m
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The PM-5/360 PC optical altimeter from Suunto allows you to quickly and accurately measure tree heights with 2 scales, no matter how far you are from the tree. You have to know three values. The scale in the altimeter shows one value if you look at the horizontal at the root of the tree and another value if you look to the top. These two values are added and multiplied by the measuring distance to the tree in meters. This simple formula gives the height of the tree. In addition, the device can also be used to determine the angle of inclination, a conversion table in 0-45° is located on the back of the robust anodized aluminum housing (74 x 52 x 15 mm). Liquid-damped scale, frost-resistant. Focus-adjustable, parallax-free optics for reading accuracy up to 0.25 m.

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More Information
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Short instructions:
• Look into the device with one eye. You can see a scale and a horizontal line.
• With the other eye parallel grasp the lowest point of the object (root of the tree).
• Now lower the device in front of the eye and the gaze simultaneously, parallel until the horizontal line (those on the scale) and the lowest point of the object coincide. Read and note the value on the scale.
• Proceed in the same way for the top of the tree. Let the top point of the object coincide with one eye and the line on the scale. Read and remember the value again.
• Add the two values. Attention! The scale goes from minus, over zero to plus. If, for example, you have a value of -5 at the root and +45 at the top, this results in 50 (in percent)!
• Now determine the distance to the object from the point of view of the measurement. In the simplest case this can be done by walking in metre steps. Result e.g. 10 meters.
• Multiply the two added values and the tree distance in percent. In our case 10 (meters) x 0.50 (percent).
• The result is the height of the tree. Here the tree would be 5 meters high.


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