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Transport trolley | WLL 500 kg | L 120-160 cm, W 75 cm, H 55 cm
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This trolley was developed in 2010 especially for tree care to facilitate the transport of brushwood, undergrowth and tree trunks. In 2022 it was revised again, according to the needs of the users.

The Stein Arbor Trolley is smaller and lighter than many other trolleys. One person can easily load and move the trolley.
Even moving long, uncut logs is possible alone with the help of the trolley and a rope sling. The sturdy steel construction with solid rubber tires can support up to 500 kg of weight. With a width of only 75 cm, the Stein Arbor Trolley is also suitable for transporting material through narrow passages and winding properties.
The telescopic handle can be adjusted in 3 steps depending on the type and weight of the material to be moved. (120 cm length with handle position 1, 130 cm length with handle position 2, 160 cm length with handle position 3 and 75 cm without handle).
The steel bars, which form a large loading volume for brush and wood piles, are easy to assemble and disassemble.
Thanks to its simple, robust design, low center of gravity and wide tire stance, the trolley is very comfortable to load and safe to handle even on uneven terrain. It fits through any standard garden gate and can also be pulled with one hand.

The sturdy trolley not only speeds up and facilitates the transport of tree trunks, but also helps to reduce the waste caused by dragging tree trunks along paths and lawns. For those who often move logs and brush, the Stein Arbor Trolley saves a lot of time and reduces the physical strain of working.

• new handle design for more space around the legs
• length adjustable handle
•interchangeable frame
• Load capacity: 500 kg
• Weight: 38 kg

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