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We make the splice for your tree care work

A tree climbing rope is only as good as its termination. Or to put it another way: a splice is the termination that most likely keeps what the rope promises. In contrast to a knot, a splice reduces the breaking strength of a rope only minimally.

A professionally spliced connection of ropes is break-proof and permanently durable. The harder the rope is pulled, the stronger the splice! A knot reduces the breaking strength of a rope by up to 50 percent. An eye splice only reduces the breaking strength by 5 to 15 percent. Of course, a splice is much slimmer. The danger of the rope getting stuck or snagged is much smaller. Double advantage: slim splice and more power! 

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Splices at Freeworker

We primarily produce eye splices, but also, for example, rope shackles for specific rigging applications. We splice in thimbles, rings such as rigging rings, pulleys or carabiners according to customer request. Our standard model is the short eye splice. We also manufacture eye splices in any size as required.


Certified, we splice the tree climbing ropes of the Edelrid XP-e series, the Edelrid Woodpecker ropes, the Yale XTC ropes and the Atrax, Black Widow and Lignum by Cousin. We are also a certified partner in the Teufelberger spLIFE programme. This means that we also splice the Tachyon and the drenaLINE tree climbing rope in-house.

Certified splices receive a serial number with the important data: Date of manufacture of the splice, manufacturer of the rope, rope type and batch number. It also documents which splicer produced the splice. Our splices are regularly inspected by the manufacturers and external certification authorities.

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Repair splice

In case of rope damage, it is possible to work a new splice into the used rope. For this purpose, the rope should be washed if possible. In this case, the rope is no longer spliced with a certificate because the new production condition is no longer given.

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