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Special felling device for climbers, an elegant, simple and most of all very effective tool. Felling a tall tree using rope climbing technique lacks the leverage that helps a simple wedge at the bottom of the trunk to bring the whole tree down in one strike. The Rattle Wedge fills the gap. French tree climbers invented this tool, that allows to drive a wedge into a notch even in the most confined space. Once a face notch and back cut are made this ratchet wedge is introduced like a cork screw directly into the kerf opposite your notch. Now simply crank the ratchet´s handle to drive the device fully into the kerf, which results in a lift of about 8 cm. By simply replugging a little bolt the Rattle Wedge can be powered in either direction. With large diameter trunks just use two of these ratchet wedges. In general the Rattle Wedge is recommended for trunks up to 30 inches in diameter.

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