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Power Climber EPC-240 Set

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Engine-powered rope winch | Payload 240 kg | max. 0.4 m/s | 2-stroke engine | Weight 11.5 kg | includes 100 m static rope Ø 11 mm
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Power Climber EPC-240 Set

Power Climber EPC-240 Set

    4.408,47 €

    Incl. tax, excl. shipping costs

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    The Eder Power Climber EPC-240 is a motorised climbing device designed for transporting loads of up to 240 kg. Whether it's a climber with equipment or even a second person, for example, in rescue operations. The fuel-powered ascent and descent aid allow for effortless and energy-saving ascent, especially in the case of significant heights. The Eder Power Climber EPC-240 is powered by a 2.68 hp Kawasaki TJ53 2-stroke engine, which can be conveniently started even at elevated positions using an Easy-Start pull cord. .

    The Industry rope with Ø 11 mm is a very lightweight, robust ascent, rescue, and industrial climbing rope. Its high abrasion resistance and tightly braided sheath make the Industry rope from Beal particularly suitable for use with the Eder Power Climber EPC-240.

    IMPORTANT: The Eder Power Climber is only sold in conjunction with a Beal Industry 11 mm rope (100m + sewn eye). The device must only be used with the rope offered by the manufacturer.

    The set includes:
    • Eder Power Climber EPC-240
    • Beal Industry 11mm Rope (100m + sewn eye)
    • Optional: Professional Rope Bag (orange or green)

    Technical Data: Power Climber EPC-240:
    • Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 39 cm
    • Maximum Permissible Load: 250 kg (up to two persons)
    • Weight: 11.5 kg
    • Ascending Speed: max. 0.4 m/s (240 kg), max 0.6 m/s (130 kg)
    • Descending Speed: 0.3 m/s
    • Motor: Kawasaki TJ53 (2.68 hp)
    • Displacement: 53.2 cm³
    • Fuel: 2-stroke special fuel
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 litres

    Technical Data: Beal Industry 11 mm:
    • Rope Stretch: 2.10% (static)
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 34 kN
    • 16-strand braided
    • Parallel core
    • Certified to EN 1891-A, EN 354, EN 795-B

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