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Elephants Trunk 3

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Back-pack device for hedge trimmer
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The "Elephant's Trunk" is a carrying aid for hedge trimmers. The carrying frame is worn on the back like a backpack, distributing the weight on both the shoulders and the hips. It evenly distributes the machine's weight and leverage forces across the body. A pulley takes on most of the weight. The length of the pulley cable and the shape of the handle provide great freedom of movement, making the work much easier. The effective machine weight is significantly reduced. Additionally, depending on the machine, precision in the work increases because more power is available for machine control.

The ET 3 is foldable, eliminating the need to disassemble it for transport. Maintaining the cable pull is also easier as the mechanics are enclosed. The backplate is continuously adjustable for different back lengths. The carrying aid is also suitable for battery-powered tools. Battery pouches can be attached to the belt. Using an Elephant Trunk reduces the weight of a hedge trimmer, for example, by 3 kg. Even during extended work periods, the device is exceptionally comfortable to wear.

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