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Shoulder Strop
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The Bungeetool is made for a very efficient and quick ascent: It pushes the chest ascender and the footloop above without any intervention of the climber.

That’s how it works with foot clamp on the right foot:
• Fix the smooth end of the tool with a carabiner at the left back of the harness using a higher material loop, that is not needed.
• Put the left foot in the footloop. Fix the chest ascender at the ascent rope.
• Pull the Bungeetool over the left shoulder.
• The rubber part should end on the verge of the shoulder. Only the smooth tape should lie on the shoulder. That’s more comfortable. The length is adjustable.
• Place the descender and the foot ascender – go for it!
• Once at the top remove footloop and chest ascender and put them aside.

IMPORTANT: The Bungeetool is only a little helper for ascent. It should not be used for protection. Only for trained climbers!

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