ATD Winch

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Lowering Device | with Harken Winch (46:1 resp. 22:1), bollard, steel plate, rope clamp, accessories | 31 kg | CE
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Universally usable lowering and lifting device. The ATD Winch is a solid and effective combination of a two gear Harken Winch with a 46:1 resp. 22:1 transmission, an extended, grooved brass rope drum for optimal rope friction and an aluminium bollard with a huge diameter for the best possible heat dissipation. Mounted on a steel base plate. The rope guide is optimized and allows simultaneous working with two ropes.

If required a rope clamp can be mounted. This ensures a non-return device and allows an easy change between winch and bollard even under load. In Combination with the rope clamp the ATD Winch follows the provisions of the machinery directive 2006/42/CE from 2016.

The winch will be delivered in a solid and practical plastic case with rolls and handles. Including all necessary lashing straps, rubber buffers and the rope clamp.

Technical data
• INOX-steel base plate
• Harken Winch 46.2 STGNP with Self Tailer
• Aluminium bollard: Ø 210 mm
• total weight: 30.9 kg
• Weight of rope clamp: 4.7 kg
• maximum working load with bollard: 2000 kg
• maximum working load with winch: 1300 kg
• maximum working load with rope clamp: 1300 kg
• breaking load of the yellow 75 mm strap: 15000 kg
• breaking load of the orange 25 mm strap: 400 kg
• maximum working load for hard mounting: with winch 1300 kg, with bollard 2000 kg
• maximum working load for soft mounting: with winch 400 kg, with bollard 400 kg
• approved rope diameters for work with winch and rope clamp: 14–16 mm
• approved rope diameters for work with bollard: 12 mm – 14 mm – 16 mm or 19 mm

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