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ECC Silence

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Communication system | active hearing protection | Bluetooth | SNR value 26 dB | helmet attachement | noise cancellation | flexible microphone arm | EN 352
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This communication solution with Bluetooth can be used by up to 4 participants simultaneously. The external antenna ensures a stable connection between the participants. It is removable and can be replaced with a smaller or bigger antenna (available as optional accessory). The ECC Silence hands-free system has a range of up to 1 km under ideal conditions – under real conditions it is between 100 and 500 m.

It is also certified as hearing protection and has active hearing protection.The additional external microphone in the hearing protection capsule allows external noise to pass through to the inside. In the event of loud noises, the external microphone is switched off within fractions of a second. You hear on your left ear and through the external microphone you can hear your own voice through the loudspeakers in your ears. In this way, the user can be sure that sound is transmitted even when there is loud outside noise.

The team leader function serves to control the conversations. Advantage of the radial connection of the participants compared to a connection in series: Even if one participant fails (except the team leader), the connection is maintained. It also allows user A (e.g. the ground man) to cut the connection if the noise from user B (e.g. the climber) is distracting. But B can reactivate the connection at any time if it is needed – even though A has cut it.

A connection with the smartphone is possible. A free app is available for Android to control the system. The manufacturer also offers free user support. Charging function via Micro-USB, charging cable included. Matching mesh visor, 3M adapter for use on helmets with 3M hearing protection with headband and Protos adapter for use on Protos® Integral optionally available.

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More Information
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More information and a short test report about the ECC communication system on the Freeworker Blog.


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