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TreeCalc is the first stand-alone, browser-supported cloud software application, that helps to assess the breaking safety of tree stems on the basis of parameters entered by the user.
TreeCalc can be used on various devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs or MACs, regardless of the operating system.

TreeCalc is being used by arborists, consultants or officials to assess the safety situation of a tree instantly on site or to weigh the effects of decay or cavity. The safety calculation of the bearing capacity of tree stems is based on the local wind load situation, the stem´s size and its integrity (e.g. extend of decay, cavity).
Wind loads and their interaction with the quality of the stem wood can be assessed at low cost when using browser based TreeCalc.

You enter the parameters of your tree either via key board or with slider bars:

  • Tree species
  • Tree height
  • Stem diameter
  • Bark thickness
  • Crown drag factor
  • Compressive yield strength of green wood (reference values are being proposed)
  • Desired factor of safety
  • Wind speed
  • Basic crown shape
  • Modified crown shape
  • Crown spread
  • Height of crown base
  • Terrain category (Eurocode 1)

As a result you obtain:

  • Calculated basic strength of the stem
  • The required minimum thickness of the wall
  • The pruning contour (if crown reduction is recommended)
  • Editable report with your own logo with all data and results

Extras included

  • History (all calculations are being stored for 3 years in a database, only accessible for the user)
  • All invoices can be downloaded from the web server at any time
  • Easy account fill up
  • German/English
  • Metric and Imperial system
  • Editable reports